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About us

The Lithuanian Cattle Breeders Association was established in 1995; it is the same time when the Lithuanian Holstein Cattle Breeders Association was founded. The name of the association has recently been changed into “Lithuanian Cattle Breeders Association”. Thus, all Lithuanian cattle breeders can be involved in the activity of this association and can make use of provided services.

This association is an officially established breeding institution, which enables to implement the breeding program and to keep the Herd book of Holstein cattle. The pedigree certificates are given to cattle breeders according the data registered in the Herd book. For this reason the cattle of all the members of the association are recorded in the Herd book following the regulation of herdbook keeping.

On 5 April 2001 LGVA was acknowledged as a breeding organization which meets the requirements of the EU-conform Lithuanian Animal breeding law. In 2002 the LGVA became the member of Europien Holstein & Red Holstein Confederation. 2005 the LGVA became the member of World Holstein Friesian Federation.

The most progressive development has taken place in the last three years especially under the assistance of German projects. At this time the number of members has increased from 300 to more than 1000 cattle breeders including 20 co-operative farms. The number of cattle registered has exceeded 20.000. The average of the herd size is around 20 cows, which in accord with the above-mentioned figures, is comparatively large. In 20O2 the productivity of the registered cows was 5900 liters.

LGVA analyses and puts into practice the European and worldwide experience in modern cattle breeding. It also pays great attention to the detailed analysis of the EC legislative regarding animal breeding as well as to the practical use of these rules in European countries with the developed cattle breeding industry. The association participated and contributed in creating the Lithuanian Animal Breeding Law according the EC standards and took part in the preparation of the strategies for the future development of animal breeding in Lithuania.



Lithuanian Cattle Breeders Association

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