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M E S   A T V I R I   V I S I E M S   G A L V I J Ų   A U G I N T O J A M S   ! 


HPI (Heifer Project International, Arkansas, USA) implements its charity projects in 41 country, including Lithuania.

LGVA (Lithuanian Cattle Breeders Association) is the project holder since 1999 and it is carrying out and managing all project activities in Lithuania. The staff of the association provides consultations in animal keeping and veterinary to the beneficiaries. Till 2003 146 heifers, 44 rabbits, 7 goats, 55 chickens in four regions of Lithuania were provided infour regions of Lithuania.

HPI helps people around the world to survive and to make their environment better, it implements its activity in all continents of the world – USA, Central and Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia.

The mission of Heifer international is to work with communities to end hunger and poverty and to care for the earth.

Since 1944, Heifer has Helped more than four milliom people become sekf-reliant through the reason of the gift (a farm animal) and training.

The impact of each initial gift is multiplied as recipients agree to “pass on the gift” by giving one or more of their animal’s offspring or the equivalent to another in need.

Heifer Cornerstones for Just & Sustainable Development :

  • Passing on the Gift
  • Accountability
  • Sharing and Caring
  • Sustainability and Self-reliance
  • Improved Animal Management
  • Nutrition and Income
  • Gender and Family Focus
  • Genuine Need and Justice
  • Improving the Environment
  • Full Participation
  • Training and Education
  • Spirituality